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婕斯宣布收購位於歐洲的多渠道健康、美容和家居產品公司 Verway。

此舉預計將推動婕斯在歐洲和中東市場的增長,該市場在 2020 年實現了 42% 的顯著同比增長。

Verway 由企業家 Ilhan Dogan 於 2017 年創立,他在直銷行業取得了個人成功,在過去的三年中創造了 12 億美元的銷售額。

“這一聯盟不僅有助于婕斯在歐洲市場的發展勢頭,而且還為 Verway 分銷商和客戶打開了通往真正的全球機會和產品選擇的大門,”婕斯首席遠見官 Scott Lewis 說。“Ilhan 是行業中的傳奇人物,他帶來了非凡的技能,並將在我們的地區和世界戰略計劃中發揮重要作用。我們很榮幸歡迎 Ilhan 和整個 Verway 家族來到婕斯。”

Dogan 以指導其他直銷領袖以及運動員和政治家而聞名,現在將成為婕斯經銷商。

“在直銷行業工作了幾十年,我加入婕斯的興奮程度和我職業生涯開始時一樣高,”Dogan 說。“我被婕斯的全球架構、領導力和眾多成就所吸引,我期待著與 Scott、婕斯創始人 Randy Ray 和 Wendy Lewis 以及婕斯領導者攜手合作,為未來的巨大成功做出貢獻。”

Jeunesse Acquires European Health and Beauty Company Verway

Jeunesse announced the acquisition of Verway, a multichannel health, beauty and household products company based in Europe. This move is expected to boost Jeunesse’s growth in the European and Middle Eastern market, which saw significant year-over-year growth of 42 percent in 2020.

Verway was founded in 2017 by Ilhan Dogan, an entrepreneur whose personal success within the direct selling industry resulted in $1.2 billion in sales over three decades.

“This alliance not only helps Jeunesse build on the momentum in the European market, but it also opens the door to a truly global opportunity and product selection for Verway distributors and customers,” said Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis. “Ilhan is a legend in the industry who brings an extraordinary skill set and will play an important role in our strategic plan for the region and the world. We are honored to welcome Ilhan and the entire Verway family to Jeunesse.”

Dogan, who is known for his coaching of other direct selling leaders, as well as athletes and politicians, will now become a Jeunesse distributor.

“After decades in the direct selling industry, my excitement level in joining Jeunesse is as high as it was at the start of my career,” Dogan said. “I was attracted to Jeunesse by the company’s global structure, leadership, and many achievements, and I look forward to joining forces with Scott, Jeunesse Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and Jeunesse leaders to contribute to abundant success in the future.”